As accessible as it is This Park will give a true taste of an African safari while preserving your precious time. The Park has a variety of wildlife that can be easily seen. The park derives its name from a palm tree called Borassus palm which once grew there and covers an area of 3,230km2

The Park experiences bi-modal rainfall season with short rains starting from October to early November and long rains from March to May and dry season is from late June to September. It is located at an altitude between200m and 800meters

The park has many wildlife-like buffalos, Lions, Zebra, Giraffes and Elephants. Giraffes are often seen browsing leaves from the isolated acacia trees that fringe the Mkata river. Also, the greater Kudu and sable antelope can be found in the miombo woodland-covered foothills of the mountain that rise from the Park boundaries. Mikumi is great place for birding boasts with a respectful 400 species of birds.